The Stench of distress

by Incinerator

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released June 17, 2017

Jackhammer Necromancer Bonesaw




Incinerator Frater, Netherlands


From the north Netherlands (Fryslan) old school thrashmetal and oldschool deathmetal fans joined forces to combine oldschool thrashmetal from the eighties and deathmetal from the eighties and early nineties. Inspired like bands such as Slaughter (Canada), Frost, Dismember, Kreator, Bathory, Grave,

The message is simple: pure raw fucking thrashdeathmetal in you're face!!!!!
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Track Name: At the Gates
At The Gates.
Music: Necromancer
Lyrics: Bonesaw

Beyond the gates of perversion.
Your rotting flesh is in my grasp.
Getting high on your putrid stench.
I snort the fumes of your decay.

At the gates of perversion.

Between these walls of perversion.
I taste you're fluids, it's my morbid game.
Between these walls of perversion.
Your putrid stench drives me insane.

At the gates of perversion.

Lead's: Necromancer

I'm on my way, on excursion.
Trough the gates of perversion.

Searching for sickness.
The ultimate ecstasy.
And together with my rotten soul.
I complete my private autopsy.

Chaos: Necromancer-/Jackhammer
Track Name: Nerveless
Music: Jackhammer
Lyrics: Bonesaw

Caught in a rotten world.
Life take its toll.
I am nerveless,
Impervious to pain.

Summon the pain.
Summon the pain.
I am nerveless.

In face of your defeat.
Smell the reek of death.
My presence....
Infects the breezing air.

Summon the pain.
Summon the pain.
I am nerveless.

Lead's: Jackhammer/Necromancer/Jackhammer/Necromancer

The aftermath has started.
A nightmare has become real.
A victim of desire.
Dead flesh on cold steel.
Track Name: Slaughter
Music: Jackhammer
Lyrics: Bonesaw

I have the urge.
Feel the need.
My mind's so sick.
The need to feed.

Can't control.
This agony.

Lead's: Jackhammer/Necromancer/Jackhammer/Necromancer

A peaceful heaven.
I'll never see.

Crushing bones.
Screams of pain.
Feel your life float away.
Until your death I will stay


Stabbing your eyes.
Infected limbs are paralyzed.
A captured soul.
Under my control.
I'm the one.
Sick and insane.
A morbid mind.
Infected in my brain.

I am addicted to your flesh.
A corpse fucking freak.
Revenge is what I seek.
My knife stuck in deep.
And I laugh, when I look...
At your guts on the hook.
A captured soul
Under my control.
Your guts removed.
My slaughter remains.
Track Name: Feed the Soul
Feed The Soul.
Music: Necromancer
Lyrics: Bonesaw

Can't even recognize.
Your rotting face.
You're mutilated.
A blackened mind.
Twisted in disguise.

Death is the only way.
Reality now slips away.
My payment.
The only way.
For moments you'll regret this day.
Feed the soul.

The puzzle is solved.
Finally, no space for you in this world.
A relief.
It warms my cold soul.
A torturous lesson.
The errors of depravity.
I'm mesmerized.
By the counting hour.
The circle is closed.
The meat hook has cleared the stinking air.
Feed the soul.

lead: Necromancer
Track Name: Arisen in Blood
Arisen In Blood.
Music: Jackhammer
Lyrics: Bonesaw

Lead's: Jackhammer

Arisen in blood.
Master of pain.
Obey the sinner of sins.

No mercy to give.
My anger evolves.
A violent killing spree.

Receive my redemption.
Consume my flesh.
Enter my place of doom.

Eternal hate is reborn.

Outragious, evil creation.

Arisen in blood.

Lead: Necromancer
Track Name: Repentance
Music: Necromancer
Lyrics: Bonesaw

I'm stuck in a place.
Where i don't want to be.
Counting down the hours.
There's no light where I can see.

There's only darkness.
I am watching my life go by.
Can't find no joy anymore.
My life is a lie.
All these memories.
There's so much pain in my head.
There's something stuck in my mind.
And I can't go ahead.
So through with this all.
So through with this life.

Between these walls.
My time has come to an end.
There's no fighting anymore.
It is time to repent.

Trapped in a corner.
Watching my life go by.
Can't find no joy anymore.
My life is a lie.
The future is lost.
There isn't a sound.
Submerged in sin.
I can't be around.

Lead: Necromancer

Tired of waiting.
Only one thing can set me free.
I'm closing my eyes.
I'll go down.
Track Name: Traumatic
Music: Necromancer
Lyrics: Bonesaw

Tortured flesh.
Burned skin.
Tormented soul.
Within the depths of hell.
Deadly message of confrontation.
Agonizing isolation.

Caught in act.
The pain is near.
Can't find my way out.
Endless loops of desperation.
Falling into deprivation.

Lead's: Necromancer

The end of my days.
Ridden with disease.
I struggle to die.
Feeling peace.

Lead: Jackhammer

Tortured flesh.
Burned skin.
Tormented soul.
Within the depths of hell.
Deadly message of confrontation.
Agonizing isolation.

Lead: Necromancer
Track Name: The Stench of Distress
The Stench Of Distress.
Music: Jackhammer
Lyrics: Bonesaw

Down the hallways.
The sound of crying.
A broken heart.
Ignored by mankind.
Did you have some food today?
Within these walls.
Suffocating reality.

Unable to speak for yourself anymore.
A helpless soul in a neglected building
on a concrete floor.
Sleepless nights.
A left-over from society.
No one cares about you anymore.

Guest Lead: Joshua

Left behind.
Thrown away like trash.
Shackled to the crib.
The stench of distress.

Lead: Jackhammer

The least of the least.
A Vulnerable soul.
Delivered to the beast.
Track Name: Swiersettiche Riten
Swiersettiche Riten.
Music: Jackhammer
Lyrics: Bonesaw

Ik ferlies it.
Ik fal del.
Wat ik leaf ha.
Kwyt en ferlern.

De stank it.
Triuwt me del.
Het swarte.
It kâlde (wat ik fiel).

Dizze riten.
hja snije en klauwe.

De jierren genêzen net.
Myn stjonkende wûnen.